About Stonefield Soaps

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We are a family owned and operated business who researched for over a year to bring you the best soap possible. Our soap is specially formulated for your face and body to create a rich, creamy lather and refreshing clean rinse.

Stonefield Soaps is made with food grade quality ingredients. It is a blend of 6 different oils. Our blend of oils, add special properties to the soap. Olive Oil and Shea Butter are moisturizers. Coconut, Palm and Palm Kernel Oil give the lather and hardness of the soap. The Avocado Oil adds Vitamin A, B1 and B2 to your skin. We add Vitamin E for the antioxidants and natural preservative.

Fresh goat milk naturally produces glycerin, a softening agent. Goat milk also contains 50 different Vitamins and Nutrients, including Vitamin A, (which slows down the effects of aging), C, B1, B6, B12, E, and Zinc, which contribute to the reconstruction of collagen fibers, encouraging moisture retention and assisting in maintaining your skin’s elasticity, for a Healthy Glow!

Stonefield Soaps are pH balanced so they won’t strip your natural oils. They’re perfect for all skin types. Please try a bar and realize the many benefits from using our soap!

Thank you!

Pam & Jim Butchkoski